“Las chicas del cable” (2017–2020): An Oral History of Netflix’s First Spanish Original


  • Concepción Cascajosa-Virino Carlos III University of Madrid




Las chicas del cable, Netflix, Oral History, Interview


The article analyses the production of Netflix's first original series in Spain, Las chicas del cable (2017-2020), through 6 interviews with professionals involved in its development, both from Netflix (Diego Ávalos) and the production company Bambú Producciones (executive producer Teresa Fernández Valdés, co-creator Gema R. Neira, head writer María José Rustarazo, head director Carlos Sedes, and cinematographer Jacobo Martínez). The goal is to use to examine the localisation process of Netflix through its original productions, and the challenges (such as cultural misunderstandings) it posed for both the video-on-demand service and the local production companies with whom established close links during this period of global expansion. The conclusions points to a mutually beneficial partnership where Bambú Producciones learnt how to work with international video-on-demand services and became less dependent on the Spanish market, and Netflix benefited from a safer arrival to new territory with a company that has a strong track record.


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