SERIES Vol. 8 No. 1 – Call for Papers


“SERIES. International Journal of TV Serial Narratives” ( is an open access and peer-reviewed journal, with ISSN, and indexed in major international databases. It publishes two issues per year, a miscellaneous and a thematic one, and it is mainly devoted to television seriality.
It is a joint project by Universitat Politècnica de València (Escola Politècnica Superior de Gandia/DCADHA) and Università di Bologna.

We are pleased to invite submissions for the thirteenth issue of the journal (Vol. 8 No. 1), a miscellaneous one, which will be out in July 2022.

The journal aims at promoting global discussions and interdisciplinary exchanges among scholars engaged in research into TV serial narratives. We encourage methodological innovations and contributions concerning the narrative, technological, economic, social, and cultural impact of television dramas and comedies, web series, telenovelas, and other serial forms.

SERIES encourages submissions that cover a large variety of topics, including:

  • theoretical and methodological explorations on the nature and value of television seriality;
  • taxonomies and analysis of specific formats, styles, linguistic features, genres;
  • cognitive perspectives on narrative structures, characters, viewer engagement;
  • investigations of creative, production, distribution, and marketing issues;
  • empirical research on audiences, fandoms, digital communities;
  • social network analysis, big data analysis, and other possible frameworks and models;
  • comparative studies on a transnational and/or transmedia basis;
  • investigations of stylistic elements, temporality, narrative and character design;
  • historical approaches to seriality across different media;
  • peculiar case histories (authors, subgenres, countries, production companies, etc.).

Articles should range between 5,000–8,000 words (including abstract, notes, and references). Full guidelines can be found on our website.
In order to be included in the issue, full manuscripts must be sent by February 28th, 2022.
Expected publication date: July 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact the journal at